What is Land / Site Clearance?

Having land cleared out for a residential or commercial development is a big undertaking. You might also want land clearing done if your property is overgrown with bushes, trees, and other unneeded brush and debris. Whatever the case, there are some things to be aware of when it comes time to decide how to proceed.

Hire a professional

Generally, land clearing is something that is best done by a professional and finding them can be quite challenging most times. There is simply a large amount of work to be done, and you will need some powerful equipment to get all the stuff cleaned up. But if you do decide you want to do the project on your own, you will need to be sure you have everything organized.

The first consideration you will have is to secure the proper permits and licensing from the appropriate governing authorities. There may be multiple permits needed pertaining to a number of various steps in the process of clearing out the land. This will likely also include disposal of the debris once it has been cleared out.

Get the necessary equipment

Once you have secured the proper licenses, you will need to line up all the land clearance equipment you will need. Since most people do not have heavy mechanical equipment on hand, you will probably need to rent this. If this involves mostly tree removal, then you will need some heavy duty chainsaws. Make sure those doing the cutting have some experience felling trees. A lot can go wrong if a tree comes down in the wrong direction, so be sure to take all the safety precautions ahead of time.

Besides chainsaws, you might also need some mulchers to go after the areas where there is a heavy amount of brush and using a chainsaw is not practical. And if the areas are really heavily overgrown, you might even need to rent some small bulldozers. Again, we must emphasize the need for someone with experience within your party to even think about working with this kind of equipment. To get an idea, here is a video showing what mulchers are capable of.

Lastly, you will need to figure out how you want to dispose of the trees and other debris removed from the land. Of course, fallen trees can make for great fire wood, so if that is what you have in mind, and plan on having some axes and wood splitters on hand to chop up the wood into small, burnable pieces. You may also be able to use some of the other brush for kindling wood.

There are other kinds of debris that is not burnable and will simply need to be disposed of. There are generally two ways to go about this; you can haul it all away yourself to the local dump, or you can hire a dumpster rental company to deliver a dumpster to the site and take it away when the job is completed. This is by far the easiest way to deal with unwanted debris, but is obviously more expensive than hauling it away yourself.

If you decide that the clearing job is too much for you to handle yourself, get in touch with a professional land clearing company to take care of it for you. We at landclearance.co.uk are specialized in finding a company that is well established with a proven track record of doing quality work.